Border collie’s priceless guilty face when he’s hilariously caught raiding the bin

The mischievous dog’s ‘walk of shame’ when he knows he’s been caught out for raiding the bin has left TikTok viewers in stitches after the video was shared on the platform

It’s a face instantly recognisable to dog owners everywhere – the wide-eyed look of shame when a pup knows they’ve done something very bad.

And this mischievous dog certainly knows how to play up his sorry act for extra cuddles.

The hilarious TikTok video posted by @mikeandrollo shows that border collie Rollo has got himself into a spot of trouble.

Clearly knowing he’s done something wrong, the amusing clip begins with Rollo crawling upstairs as slowly as physically possible at his owner Mike’s stern call.

As Rollo looks up at his owner with his best pleading eyes, ears pinned flat against his head, the clip reveals the extent of Rollo’s mischief.

It appears that the naughty pup has found his way into the kitchen bin – and emptied its contents all over the floor, including an old can of beans and scraps of food containers where Rollo has clearly indulged himself in an evening snack.

As his owner turns back to Rollo, surrounded by the evidence of his misbehaviour, the guilty look plastered on the collie’s face is priceless.

Rollo’s adorable expression melted hearts on TikTok, with dog lovers jumping to the pup’s defence. “I’m his lawyer,” one person commented. “He is innocent.”

Other dog owners shared relatable experiences with their own theatrical dogs. “My dog is exactly the same,” a TikTok user said. “He knows when he’s in trouble and tries to play the innocent.”

Owner Mike reassured Rollo fans that the pup’s evident remorse was punishment enough for his crimes, and that Rollo still got a treat and lots of cuddles after his evening of destruction.

Rollo isn’t the only dog who has been getting himself into hot water lately.

After committing a similar offence of breaking into a food container, Bruce the husky went one step further and staged a dramatic exit to avoid a telling-off.

As unsuspecting Bruce strolls in from the back garden, he is confronted about the mess he’s made by his owner – but he’s having none of it.

Quickly turning around and pretending he can’t hear his owner at all, the naughty husky heads straight back out through the dog flap.

But his cunning escape plan is foiled when his owner instantly follows him outside, and Bruce gives a dejected howl as he finally realises he can’t escape the consequences of his actions.